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Research and Advances in Psychiatry
Last issue of Research and Advances in Psychiatry

Research and Advances in Psychiatry

Official journal of Young Psychiatrists Section - Italian Society of Psychiatry

Research and Advances in Psychiatry (RAP) is a quarterly, peer-reviewed, open access Journal that publishes original research articles, clinical studies, review articles, brief and case reports. It is dedicated to innovative and timely studies of four important areas of research:
(1) Clinical studies of all disciplines relating to psychiatric illness and normal human behaviour, with a specific interest in Psychopharmacology and Neuroimaging applied to psychiatric disorders, including biochemical, physiological, and genetic factors;
(2) Addiction Psychiatry, including alcohol use disorders, traditional and new psychoactive substances, behavioural addictions;
(3) Descriptive psychopathology and phenomenology, including environmental, social, anthropological and epidemiological factors;
(4) Psychotherapy and rehabilitation, including neuropsychoanalysis, psychotraumatology, and the use of virtual reality.

Research and Advances in Psychiatry encourages the submissions of young scientists by offering them dedicated free of charge & fast-track submissions.

Vol. 4 (No. 1) 2017 January - March

  1. MDMA and mephedrone: current psychobiological models of “Ecstasy” and ‘m-cat’, and future human research needs
    Parrott A.C.
  2. Long Acting Injectable Aripiprazole in the treatment of psychotic subjects comorbid with alcohol and substance use disorders: an open label observational study
    Martinotti G., Montemitro C., Pettorruso M., Di Nicola M., Vannini C., Baroni G., Tittozzi B., Calntelmi V., Alessandrini M., Ducci G., Di Giannantonio M.
  3. Socialization networks and identities of novel psychoactive substance users
    Erdos M.B., Vojtek E., Kelemen G., Szijjarto L.
  4. Induced psychiatric symptoms: socio-demographic and clinical features of a sample of substance users in Ibiza
    Baroni G., Montemitro C., Corbo M., Santacroce R., Pasquini A., Angelini F., Tenuta S., Di Taranto C., Lecciso U., De Angelis M., Rondoni A., Catalano G., Carenti M.L., Chillemi E., Schifano F., Gordillo M.J., del Villar C.M., Martinotti G., Di Giannantonio M.
  5. Can exercise be an addiction? The evolution of ‘fitspiration’ in society
    De Luca I., Simonato P., Mooney R., Bersani G., Corazza O.

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  1. Supplement on Novel Psychoactive Substances to “Research and Advances in Psychiatry”
  2. Hikikomori: clinical and psychopathological issues
    Sarchione F., Santacroce R., Acciavatti T., Cinosi E., Lupi M., Di Giannantonio M.
  3. May second generation long-acting injectable antipsychotics be prescribed as a first-line treatment of first episode in patients with schizophrenia? An overview
    De Berardis D., Serroni N., Olivieri L., Gianfelice D., Iasevoli F., Tomasetti C., de Batolomeis A., Mazza M., Valchera A., Fornaro M., Di Fabio F., Cavedini P., Perna G., Piersanti M., Di Nicola M., Odorisio M., Carano A., Vellante F., Matarazzo I., Di Giannantonio M.
  4. “Drunkorexia”: a pilot study in an italian sample
    Lupi M., Acciavatti T., Santacroce R., Cinosi E., Martinotti G., Di Giannantonio M.
  5. Psychophysiological responses to visual erotic stimulation in patients with psychogenic Erectile Dysfunction
    Cera N., Di Pierro E., Tartaro A., Perrucci M.G.
  6. Mood disorders, sleep and circadian rhythms
    Srinivasan V., De Berardis D., Fornaro M., López-Muñoz F., Partonen T., Zakaria R.
  7. The importance of cognitive assessment in the management of psychiatric disorders
    Ioime L., Guglielmo R., Kadilli I., Janiri L.
  8. Depressive symptoms in adolescence: the role of gender and personality traits
    Sepede G., Farano M., Santacroce R., Santoro R., Marini S., Mangifesta R., Ballone E., Martinotti G., Gambi F., Di Giannantonio M., Salerno R.M.
  9. Celiac disease and ADHD: mini-review and critique
    Fornaro M., De Berardis D., Pollice R., Srinivasan V., De Pasquale C.
  10. Understanding and managing Gambling Disorder: an overview of recent evidence and current practices
    Alexandris A., Smith N., Bowden-Jones H.