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Research and Advances in Psychiatry

Cynicism in the culture of psychonauts: a Foucauldian-inspired comparative analysis

Original Article, 35 - 38
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Objective: This paper reflects on the lifestyle of psychonauts and their use of drugs. Authors relate the psychonaut’s aim of “controlled decontrolling” drug use to the framework of the philosophical approach of the Cynics.
Method: We use Foucauldian-inspired comparative analysis to access a novel way of reflecting, analysing and interpreting the conditions under which certain psychonautical attitudes, regimes and behavioural patterns have emerged.
Results: The aestheticisation of drug use as a model for the contemporary psychonauts seems to be rooted in Baudelaire’s and Burroughs’ life and works. We anticipate a re-evaluation of their works.

Vol. 5 (No. 1) 2018 January-April

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  1. Cynicism in the culture of psychonauts: a Foucauldian-inspired comparative analysis
    Kelemen G., Szijjarto L., Vojtek E., Erdos M.B.