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Low-dosage Metadoxine for the treatment of alcohol craving: an open study

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Introduction: Alcohol is a highly addictive psychoactive substance. Alcohol craving could be very strong and could lead to relapse in alcohol consumption, especially during the first month of detoxification. Several treatments have been approved for alcohol dependence. Among them,
Metadoxine has been considered an effective therapy for the treatment of chronic and acute alcohol intoxication and Alcoholic Liver Disease.
Aim: Our aim was to provide additional data about the role of Metadoxine in craving reduction, relapses prevention and abstinence support.
Methods: We collected data about 26 outpatients affected by Alcohol Dependence and treated with low dosage Metadoxine (500 mg/die). The duration of the treatment was 30 days for every patient. Administered psychometric evaluation consisted in: CGI, GSI, QOL, OCDS, VAS, CIWA-Ar.
Results: Under Metadoxine treatment, 3 subjects maintained abstinence, 9 relapsed and 13 dropped out for lack of efficacy. We observed a general trend in reduction of symptoms intensity. No side effects have been reported during the observation interval (T0-T1). CGI and QOL showed a statistically significant improvement in clinical conditions of patients between T0 and T1.
Conclusions: Despite many important limitations, our study suggests that 500 mg of Metadoxine might represent a promising therapeutic strategy to manage AD and to promote the maintenance of abstinence. Additional randomized studies with larger populations and longer follow-up are needed to confirm this finding.

Vol. 5 (No. 3) 2018 September - December

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