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“Drunkorexia”: a pilot study in an italian sample

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In recent years, several scientific studies have demonstrated an association between alcohol misuse and eating disorders. Aim of the study was to investigate the spread of the binge drinking phenomenon and to assess the possible concomitant presence of abnormal eating behaviour, in a population of Italian young adults.
A questionnaire investigating socio-economic characteristics, alcohol use, abnormal eating behavior and substance use, has been administered to a sample of approximately 3000 subjects, aged between 18 and 26 years old. In this paper, 1311 subjects have been evaluated as a pilot study.
The results showed an high habitual alcohol consumption (80.5% of the total sample) and a prevalence of binge drinking to 79.8% among those who habitually consume alcohol (66.5% compared to general population). Peculiar is the percentage of subjects that reported to limit their calorie intake before drinking (32.2%), with a statistically significant prevalence among those who consumed alcohol regularly.
Our results reveal an escalation of alcohol misuse higher than other Italian and European studies and give dignity to the concept of “drunkorexia” as a common phenomenon also among italian young adults.

Vol. 4 (No. 3) 2017 September-December

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