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Research and Advances in Psychiatry

Substance use and psychiatric consequences: a case series

Case series, 43 - 51
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Illicit substance use is well known as an important contributor to the global burden of diseases.
Physical and psychopathological risks and fatalities associated with substance consumption are frequently underestimated. Nevertheless, health issues related with substances often involve firsttime or sporadic clients and could not limited to subjects with substance use disorders (SUD). We reported 5 cases of acute psychiatric presentations related to recreational drug use. In contrast with previous study about SUDs, we observed high education levels and good employment rates among patients. Polysubstance abuse appeared to be the norm: cannabis, cocaine and alcohol were the most commonly referred substances.
Unknown substances use was often reported. Symptoms presentation at the admission usually involved aggressiveness, hallucinations and other perception disorders, mood lability and spatial and temporal disorientation. This data shows that the psychopathological potential of illicit substance is considerable, even in subjects without previous psychiatric symptoms. We hypothesized that some substance features and subjects’ characteristic may be involved in symptoms onset: substances potency, amounts and frequency of use, previous psychiatric history, personality features and traumatic experiences.

Vol. 6 (No. 1 Suppl) 2019 January - April

  1. Sixth International Conference on Novel Psychoactive Substances (NPS) Maastricht University, Netherlands, 8-9 April 2019 Abstract from
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  1. Substance use and psychiatric consequences: a case series
    Montemitro C., Sarchione F., Corbo M., Santacroce R., Catalano G., Baroni G., Pasquini A., Piro L., D'Arpa A., Di Giannantonio M., Martinotti G., Schifano F., Giorgetti R., Gordillo M.J., del Villar C.M.