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Cocaine addiction and gender differences: treatment difficulties

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Cocaine use is an important public health problem and in recent years more and more research aimed at improving the effectiveness of treatments is being done. Although the literature has shown evidence of gender differences in the development and maintenance of cocaine use disorders, there are still some knowledge gaps that prevent conclusive statements regarding how such differences affect the outcomes of the treatment. Research on gender differences is necessary because it can help to identify differential factors that allow better care and treatment strategies for this type of patients. A review of the results of the most recent research on the subject is carried out, and the implications and difficulties for the treatment of such differences are discussed.

Vol. 5 (No. 2) 2018 May - August

  1. Change in personality over time according to the Drug-of-Choice: a longitudinal study in a community-based treatment program for drug abusers
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  5. The delusional experience in cocaine-induce psychosis: a case report
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  1. Cocaine addiction and gender differences: treatment difficulties
    Sánchez-Hervás E.