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Alterity and alienance in neuroscience: Jurg Zutt "Reloaded"

Editorial, 1 - 3
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In recent years, neuroscientific research into the brain bases of the self and its socio-relational nature has been conducted by experimental models of functional neuroimaging. In this editorial are explored the correspondence between the semantic anthropo-phenomenology of the German psychiatrist Jurg Zutt (1893-1980), and recent neuroscientific theories about different, but complementary, perspectives on the self and self-other relationship. In particular, we discuss the theoretical correlation between the Zutt’s concept of “Internal
Attitude” and aberrant functioning of brain networks involved in self-related processing including the default mode network, the salience network and sensorimotor networks in patients with schizophrenia when solicited by socio-relational stimuli. The aim of this editorial is not only to propose a synthesis between the anthropological and neuroscientific perspectives, but, above all, to invoke a language that takes into account the human being in unison with the complexity of its neural

Vol. 5 (No. 2) 2018 May - August

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  1. Alterity and alienance in neuroscience: Jurg Zutt "Reloaded"
    Di Iorio G., Ebisch S.J.H, Martinotti G., Di Giannantonio M.